Monday, February 1, 2010

Bakin' Time! VII

Mom's having her 59th birthday on 5th. She had me when she was 30. I am turning 30 in two months. If I try and become a mother this year I will have a kid that has the same age gap with me as the gap between mom and me...

...just a thought.

In the meanwhile, I want to celebrate the big day for mom. She has exactly a year before retirement; she should enjoy paying tax while she can. I can't make it back here (at the parents') on her actual birthday, so I decided to bake a cake today instead while I'm here and do a pre-b-day celebration. I was gonna go with my fool-proof gateau chocolate that I made for dad last year (, but with the Valentine's Day nearing and thinking that I might bake something chocolate-y then, I opted for a baked cheesecake this time. And I love the timing since strawberries are now in season!!!

The thing about baking a cheesecake is that it's ridiculously easy. Unless you can't differentiate cream cheese from papier-mache, you can't possibly fail.

I tried and sprinkled some chocolate powder over the cake but that didn't look very pretty, so I had to remove them all. Which made the surface look messier since the chocolate went in the cracks and I couldn't dig them all out.

But oh well, it tasted just fine and sis said it's the best I've ever made.

Happy birthday mom! I love you!

Until next time,


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