Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brown Rice Millet Jelly

A vice in macrobiotics is sugar. Processed sugar, like the regular sugar, confectioner's sugar, or even brown sugar, are considered unnecessary in your body.

But that doesn't mean "sweetness" is banned forever in your diet. You simply use more natural alternatives, such as ama-sake, which I often use in my cooking as you can see in my blog entries, maple syrup, and brown rice millet jelly. The last one of which I had never had in my kitchen until today. I had another delivery made with lots of macrobiotic food and organic stuff this morning. Included was the item in question.

It's sort of like honey in texture, only maybe thicker, and tastes a lot like maple syrup. Very tasty on its own.

I tried it in my brown rice flakes that I blogged about the other day, and it was really yummy. Will use it more often now.

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