Saturday, January 22, 2011

List of 10 -Songs to Listen to When Feeling Blue

1) One & One -Robert Miles
2) For The Beauty of the Earth Tune Dix -Hymn
3) What Am I To You? -Norah Jones
4) Hallelujah -Rufus Wainweight
5) Chiquitita -ABBA
6) Angel -Sarah McLachlan
7) Hands -Jewel
8) Heart of the Matter -India Arie
9) One of Us -Joan Osborne
10) If We Hold On Together -The Land Before Time soundtrack

In no particular order.

Until next time,


Friday, January 21, 2011

List of 10 -Songs I Listen to When Life is a Bitch

1) So What -Pink
2) Living on a Prayer -Bon Jovi
3) I Will Survive -Gloria Gaynor
4) Burieid Myseld Alive -The Used
5) I Love Rock 'n Rill -Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
6) Bohemian Rhapsody -Queen
7) Bitch -Meredith Brooks
8) It's My Life -Bon Jovi
9) Just Like A Pill -Pink
10) Blue and Yellow -The Used

Best listened while driving on the highway at night, just to avoid people wondering why I'm screaming the English lyrics to the perfection like a crazy Japanese person... Or just to avoid people see or hear me screaming. Also make sure the volume on the stereo is explosive to some extent.

Better if you have a passenger in the car to scream with you.

Not in particular order.

Until next time,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lunch a la Whole-Food

My favorite macrobiotic cafe is on Omotesando Street, and I was hungry and in the right place when I was strolling around Tokyo.

I hadn't eaten there for a little while, so I was quite excited to sit down at the table for their lunch special with a cup of sake-kasu soup and brown rice. YUM!

Look how pretty! And everything you see in this is vegetable! Only wish that I could eat this way every day of my life.

Felt very healthy afterwards.

Until next time,


New Year's Prayer

Was in Tokyo on Tuesday. I was gonna visit a museum that opened last year in Chiba, but found out it was closed the day. So I decided to stroll around Aoyama.

My first and foremost mission: visiting Meiji Shrine for a much delayed new year's prayer. It's a tradition in Japan where people visit a shrine to pray for whatever they wish during the new year's holiday, preferably as soon as the new year begins. I hadn't done that yet, and was going to on 23rd with T, but I'd been having the worst luck beginning with the missing luggage in Dubai (...yea, missing!), so I didn't think I should prolong my pilgrimage.

Prayed for the world peace, my health and well-being, and also gave my apology for not having visited earlier.

Until next time,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

List of 10 - Things I Want to Do This Year

1) Read more
2) Overthink less
3) Stop more (at STOP signs)
4) Bitch less
5) Learn more
6) Risk less
7) Earn more
8) Buy less
9) Save more
10) Own less

Happy new year!

Until next time,