Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year's Prayer

Was in Tokyo on Tuesday. I was gonna visit a museum that opened last year in Chiba, but found out it was closed the day. So I decided to stroll around Aoyama.

My first and foremost mission: visiting Meiji Shrine for a much delayed new year's prayer. It's a tradition in Japan where people visit a shrine to pray for whatever they wish during the new year's holiday, preferably as soon as the new year begins. I hadn't done that yet, and was going to on 23rd with T, but I'd been having the worst luck beginning with the missing luggage in Dubai (...yea, missing!), so I didn't think I should prolong my pilgrimage.

Prayed for the world peace, my health and well-being, and also gave my apology for not having visited earlier.

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