Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cadeau de Noël: d'Evelyn

My dearest friend, E, from my So Cal years is visiting for the holiday, and she surprised me with a Christmas gift placed on my bed when I got home tonight (she was fast asleep when I came back, jet-lagging).

I happen to loooooooooooove Susan Boyle's voice.

And a hand-written Christmas card! She just knows me too well! ow I love getting one!

In there she wrote, remind me to embrace both goods and bads in our lives.
Thank you for being my true friend.
Thank you for listening and sharing.
You are a very important person in my life.
My world would be very different without you.
Thank you, Sak.

A Christmas card does not get any better than this.

Thank YOU, and love you, E!

Until next time,


Friday, December 18, 2009

Cadeaux de Noël: La Boîte de Turquoise

A very special box that makes a girl's heart jump at her first glance at it.

My dear friend S posted a blog recently on how Tiffany is overrated and just a label of love, not love in and of itself. I agree with her on a very fundamental level. Still, what can I say? I love turquoise. Besides, she was talking about engagement rings; not Christmas gifts.

Until next time,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas, Maple!

I'm about to welcome my third Christmas in Japan.

And every time the season comes around, it takes me back to December 2006 when I was crazy busy packing 12 years of my life into 10 boxes and saying my goodbyes to all my beloved friends in southern California. The worst thing of the madness of moving to another country was that I had to say my tearful farewell to the feline love of my life, Maple. (My name being the national tree of Japan, cherry blossoms, I named my cat that of Canada).

I first met her at a local animal shelter. Merely 2 weeks old, she was in a glass case amidst other kittens. I picked up and held her, and I remember how she scarcely weighed anything in my hands, and yet, she was this warmest hairball thingy that I had ever felt. Though shaking, she barely moved. I looked at her, and she was just this tiny life, unaware of my strange hands that were holding her yet trusting in them that they will not let go of her (or not knowing how not to trust yet, really). And I knew that moment that I had to have her.

I can't go on talking about her without choking up, so I am just going to put up a bunch of pictures that highlighted my last part of my life in the states.

She is now with my co-worker/friend K and her family and is living happily. She is in good hands, and she is lucky to be with people half as nice as them. Yet, I miss her. And I miss her the most in December.

Merry Christmas, Maple. I love you!

Until next time,


Monday, December 7, 2009

Go Loco

Was in Tokyo Sunday evening, spending the night at my cousin's apartment in Ebisu to attend a meeting in Shinjuku the next day. She took me to this fun Hawaiian restaurant, Loco Blue Ebisu, for dinner near her place, and it was really, really nice!

The guava cocktail that I had (twice!) was to die for (on the right. The white one is my cousin's coconut something)!

Highly recommend to anyone who has an access to the central Tokyo.

Until next time,