Monday, February 8, 2010

Survival on the 16th Floor

I was at a monthly 7-hour meeting in Shinjuku yesterday. My ass usually falls into a comma after an hour if not sooner.

Before lunch (at 2), I can survive fine. After lunch, driking a lot of water throughout the day is absolutely a must to stay awake just so I need to pee the entire time. I always bring a 1 litter Volvic.

I've also learned that I need a little more sugar intake than usual since I get hungry easily when I'm not doing anything but sitting and listening, so this time I brought my recent fav drink, guava juice, to the rescue. I love the taste of guava; it just might be the favorite fruit of mine.

Since I am macrobiotically conscious now, I haven't had my used-to-be favorite diet coke this year at all, or any carbohydrated drinks for that matter. I don't even crave for them anymore. Yay me.

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