Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Squash Soup

The problem with my schedule is that I can't come back home at a decent hour. Having a decent dinner at a decent time on a regular basis is something I haven't done in a long while . Practicing macrobiotics, I want to finish eating my last meal 4 hours before bed, which is nearly impossible since I want to be in bed by 12. And I'm starving after work, so I opt for something very light.

I used to have fresh salad, some fruit or yogurt. But raw vegetables and fruit, or dairy products are now off limits for me. My option now, is some warm soup.

And tonight, I made a soup out of winter squash.

half of winter squash
a cup and a half of soy milk

...that's it. Can you believe it? Creamy yet dairy free, buttery yet butter free, sweet yet sugar free.

You basically cook the squash in a bit of boiled water until soft enough to, well, squash it with a spoon. Then you add the soy milk to make a very smooth concoction. That's it. It's ridiculous what a divine soup only two ingredients can make. A pinch of salt added might work better for some people, though.

For a bit of crunchiness, I also sprinkled on some brown rice flakes.


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