Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Night

Had a semi-date dinner plan but since my nose is running Niagara style and my occasional coughing makes people imagine that I'm dying, I came home like a good girl. Recovery from a cold is in high order, seeing that it's my 6th day in. Should probably go to bed soon but since it's Saturday night I've decided to enjoy the time alone at flat.

Starting with re-decorating the space with a lovely bunch of fuchsia carnations that I picked up at the grocery store after work tonight.

A girl space complete. And of course...

...The Big Ban Theory!!!

My favorite sitcom of all (simply because I love nerds and geeks)! They started playing the show on TV in Japan a few months ago every Saturday, and I'm in awe. Whenever I don't have a dinner plan or girls' night out, I have something to look forward to after work. I'm a Howard fan all the way.

And strawberries to go with my TV time!!

The yumminess is beyond words.

Wish it was Saturday night every night.

Until next time,



  1. Strawberries are good with salt. XD

  2. Thank you for your tip, Hazie! Shall try that the next time!