Monday, October 26, 2009

Bakin' Time! V

Now that bro's mini birthday muffins are gone (, it's dad's 61st birthday tomorrow (28th). I had a day off today, and I decided to bake him a g√Ęteau pre-d'anniversaire.

Sis requested I bake my Gateau Chocolat that I once made on St. Valentine's Day for family. Hmmmm, I'm thinking, it's good but it isn't exactly birthday-cake-y in my opinion. I want festive, not chic. Besides, dad's been under a bit of depression and I wanted something visually more entertaining.

Two hours of pondering and going through my book of collected recipes (yes, I have a recipe book) as well as surfing the net for visual inspiration (and actually ending up on later, I decided to try and create something completely new.

Half-granting sis' request, it's a chocolate cake, and I am using my best-ever recipe. I am frosting it with my again best-ever whipped-with-cream-cheese cream and topping it with coconut shreds. And, "borrowing" some of mom's lovely geraniums (hi, mom!), I decorated the face with petals with various colors.

What do you think?

It has a rather tropical feel than is birthday-like, but oh well. Whatever lifts my dad's spirt up.

Until next time,


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