Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bakin' Time! IV

My bro just turned 33 on Friday. Sent him a text message after work wishing him the best possible year of his life so far, and promising that I would be baking something on Sunday (today) for him. I press "send" and I'm thinking, "What a sweet sister am I!? Mhahahaha I'm the better one!" ...not to mean sis and I hold a which-one-of-us-is-the-better-sister competition every year on our beloved brother's birthday (...well we do but she doesn't know! Mhahahahaha!) Then a couple of hours later he replied and said, "Thanks, both of you! The folks called first thing in the morning and sang 'Happy Birthday' on the phone."


A lesson learned: never can two sisters together beat the doting parents.

Anyways, I do mean what I wrote him in my message, and hope my only brother who is becoming a father in a few months has the best year.

And sorry I left my camera at my flat when I came to my folks' this weekend and had to make do with my cell phone. Here are my promise for bro baked true, chocolate and blueberry mini muffins (I did not plan the blueberry ones but mom wanted me to get rid of the leftover berries from the last time I baked that were taking up much of her freezer space.)

Until next time,


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