Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bakin' Time! III Part II

I realize that, my previous entry in which I expressed my disappointment (and sometimes in a rather euphemistically affluent manner at times) after a grocery shopping under a rather materialistically challenged circumstance, defeated the purpose of my keeping this blog, elements of happiness. So I do apologize first and foremost to my faithful readers.

I forgot to buy aluminum cups to bake blueberry muffins in. They are essential for my 'ffins because I put in A LOT of berries. When you bake with weighty fruit, they tend to stay at the very bottom, and they are very hard to come off when you take them out of the mold, unless you are using a silicon one.

Nothing in my life has turned silicon or been added silicon just yet...if ever.

So, change of plan: I cut one third of berries, which is actually still more than what the most of the recipes for berry muffins would tell you to use. I am quite an imperative-hater, I tell you.

Aftermath: a tad short of creaminess that I was aiming for, probably because I had to use yogurt instead of sour cream (due to the, again, materialistically challenged circumstance that I am facing).

My family loves them, though. So will S, I hope.

Until next time,


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