Monday, January 11, 2010

Whole Food Enlightenment

I've been reading a lot of macrobiotics books lately. It's my new thing.

...actually, it's not a completely new thing, come to think of it. I once practiced vegetarianism in college. But right about the same time I thought I was a lesbian, too. So, thinking that I was just confused and thus having a distorted judgment on self, I kind of dismissed it as just a phase.

I have to say I am semi-converted, since my commitment isn't yet the whole nine macrobiotic yard. Besides, I am not giving up my baking on my days off, and I will not, WILL NOT, bake with soy milk and tofu butter as long as I can sift and whip. But I did order 300 bucks worth of organic, micro-sized and macro-priced whole food goodies on line. Ready to cook those vegetables up and whole-grain myself!

I never really eat fish or meat anyway simply because I don't really care for it. So the concept of living on all things non-animal on a regular basis seems easy for the most part. Besides, as I read on, there is more to this macrobiotic way of living than just plain I-am-a-vegan craziness. Well, that's really the reason why I'm turning to the concept anyway. Being a vegan for the reason that killing an animal is brutal, to me, is just plain stupid. But I respect all opinions of every one and definitely not going to judge the vegans for both their choice and reason. Let them be, I gracefully will.

And I am sure there are readers out there who gracefully will let me be with my choice of macrobiotic semi-conversion, so I will not dwell on explaining what I think is good in the whole-food concept. After all, it is a personal preference that can be seen a bit like a religion, I find. And I know that I don't like it when people get hyped up talking about the god or goblin or gargoyle or whatever they believe in and what they do to practice the belief, so I am not going to bore my precious readers with the concept of macrobiotics and what I believe in. If you are interested, you will look into it yourself. You are already on line and that shouldn't be too hard.

I just believe in doing what makes me happy.

Until next time,


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