Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Macrobiotic

And so it begins.

The whole concept of macrobiotics has always been in my head but I never thought of actually practicing it because, one, I didn't have it in me to cook all the time for myself, and two, it costs a lot. So why do it?

I'm doing this because, upon turning 30 in March, I feel the need to start, really start, taking better care of myself. I have always been naturally allergic to many things: sun, some nuts, fabrics, certain liquids, etc,. My stomach and intestines are naturally weak, and in the recent years especially, I have had some gastritis and other stomach-related "conditions" that were enormously inconvenient for a working girl. I don't want t let my "biological" inconvenience be a factor to fail the things I chose to do in life.

And, the most fundamental thing in one's biological life has to be the food, wouldn't you agree? If food that I eat everyday make the person that I am or will be, why wouldn't I gladly pay a little extra to get what's best for me? It's like a fail-proof investment. The money I pay three times more for the grocery and condiments in the kitchen will one day make a three times better version of myself.

With that self belief in heart, I am going on this macrobiotic journey.

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