Saturday, January 16, 2010

My New Weekly Friend

My new thing this year is to read more. And I am starting that habit with a "weekly" paper that I have been meaning to subscribe (and too lazy to actually do anything about).

It's not like I have a lot of options when it comes to subscribing an English paper in Japan, so I just went with the first one I found when I googled, which is probably the most popular kind (out of three, if not two): The Japan Times Weekly.

Why am I subscribing an English paper and not a Japanese one? Hahahahaha, as if I would actually even attempt to read a paper written in Japanese!! Have you ever seen a Japanese paper? It's so kanji-packed, everything looks Chinese to me! I might as well be looking at a mountain map.

(Japan Air Line isn't doing so hot, it says. I used to work for the company in LA. I hope my then-supervisor Ms. Kaminsky is doing well...)

The reason why I am opting for the weeklies instead of the dailies is simply that the dailies come above my budget, and they don't even give you the big fat paper-waste of a Sunday specials with coupons OR comics like the papers in the states. Besides which, I actually don't enjoy reading newspapers so much as to want to read one every day. Catching up with the world weekly makes me feel updated enough to live in this world and be a citizen of moral excellence.

By the way, my first subscription delivered happened to be "The Japan Times Weekly 50th anniversary special." Now how do you like that? getting your very first order from the mailbox and unfolding it to see the top page that says in bold, "celebrating 50 years of The Weekly" thanking all the readers for their support for all these years? I felt what someone who just got hired and on her first day at work gets to eat a piece of cake that was bought for a retiring "colleague" that worked for the company for the last 40 years must feel. A very tangible example of a thank-you-that-you-don't-deserve, it was.

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