Monday, January 18, 2010

Lunch Out I

I had another monthly meeting in Shinjuku yesterday.

Eating out might be the hardest part of a macrobiotic life. You just never know what is in the dish they serve. But, if you are going to be this impossible customer at a non-whole-food restaurant who is inquisitive about every ingredients in the dish you want and demand the waiter that they replace the chicken with bean-curd and couscous with chick-pea, you should just never eat out in the first place. People like this lack both etiquette and respect, and will lose both friends and social life. I have waited tables at a restaurant for three years during college, and, trust me, they come off more disrespectful and immature than health-conscious and, dare I say it, organic.

My theory is, if I stick to the macrobiotics on a regular basis, occasional cheats are not hard to make up for later. So, eating out should never be omitted from my life, especially with friends and family. And the meat and fish, sugar and animal fat that you may have had during the social life can easily made up by going back to the whole-food basis the next day.

So for lunch in Shinjuku, I went to a casual French restaurant and had a big bowl of salad with steamed vegetables and stewed white fish and tomatoes on top (I did ask for the dressing on the side, though. But I have been doing this anyway all my life.) Yes, I had a little fish, and savored every bite of it.

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.

And on the way home on the bullet train, I had myself some treats, too. After all, an 8-hour meeting on a 16th floor in a suit can take a lot out of you. And going on a two-hour ride on a bullet train, still in a suit, at 9 o'clock, isn't very helpful either.

And a berry smoothie and berry cookies seemed just about perfect.

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