Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Bean & Chestnut Compote

I had a bag of red beans and roasted chestnuts, so I made a compote.

red beans
roasted chestnuts
100% maple syrup

You basically boil everything until the beans are soft and broken. Simple. Easy. Tasty.

Red beans are supposed to be very good for your body, and cleanse your spleen. I had a little craving for something sweet, so I made a little desert with the compote.

You put the beans-and-nuts concoction in a bowl, and put some ama-zake and warmed soy milk. That's it. Nicely sweet and warm, perfect for a winter night.

Ama-zake, by the way, is one of the most essential ingredients in the kitchen of someone who believes in macrobiotics. You can drink it, of course, and it also works as a sweetener (it's sugarless but naturally sweet because of the rice that they are made of).

Bon appetite!

Until next time,


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