Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malay Gifts

A very good friend of mine, E, just had a half-week getaway to Malaysia (and pretty much left me to die of jealousy) and came back with a very lovely set of goodies.

Sabah tea. I first read it "Sabbath" tea when I first laid my eyes on the lettering (you mean you didn't?) and went for a second "...Sabbath tea from Malaysia????" But I read it again, and ah! it's a tea that I'm supposed to "brew (my)self a cup and enjoy the mystical taste of Borneo Rain Forest" and that sounds fabulous, wherever the Borneo Rain Forest might be.

And this is E's favorite, Seri Kaya: paste in a can that's made of egg, coconut cream, sugar and wheat flour. She told me to use it as I would peanut butter on toast because that's how she was introduced to it and ended up loving so much. Since I am practicing macrobiotics, I shall bring this back to my parents house and eat it on a very special occasion.

This, I'm very curious about. Coconut white coffee. First of all, I love coconuts: the smell, the taste, the texture, all of it. Macrobiotically speaking, though, I should not be eating a lot of things tropical since the tropical-ity is not in my gene of a pure Japanadian. But I think I shall enjoy this when the occasion calls for it.

Thank you, E!

Until next time,


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