Thursday, July 2, 2009

Inside My Sketchbook

Despite the way most people perceive me, I am actually quite introverted when it comes to what I do for fun. Take a typical Sunday, for instance. Toss me a good novel and I'll be perfectly happy for the whole day. Or, if I am a little hard up on cash that month to place another delivery order on for English books (they get a little pricey here in Japan), I usually grab my pencil, open up my sketchbook, and start drawing.

I started drawing in high school. Until two nights ago, I had never shared my work with anyone other than my family (but only because we lived together), simply for a reason that I never thought my work could possibly be share-worthy. Besides which, I had never thought my drawing habit would bring anything other than a cerebral entertainment for my part. Yet...

Two days ago, my dear friend-coworker S and I were prepping in a room post-lunch, and
we started randomly drawing on the white board. Which somehow led me to draw her in a cartoon-ish way, given the serious anime otaku that she is.

What we had after 2 minutes was this:

...Shell loved it.

I am actually really proud of myself for two reasons. One, S, in a live form, looks exactly like this. Two, I've never done cartoon-ish drawing, let alone on a white board with a marker, and yet pulled off something that someone would get a really good kick out of. Since S has put this pic up on her facebook profile picture, I've been also getting nice feedbacks from
many people, which, to me, is crazy (in a great sense).

It was a completely new feeling for me to have, seeing how S was so happy with my quick creation on the board, taking pictures of it with her cell phone. And she is a tough judge to entice with drawing since she has been into anime and comic books her whole life. Definitely the happiness of the day moment, a big one too.

I got weirdly excited out of this, and was inspired that night to go home to a more intense drawing session.

I always draw women, and only women. I once tried a man. Didn't work. Tried an animal. Didn't work either. Attempted an object. Came out OK but wasn't fun for me at all. So I just stick to female figures since, in my head, they remain more interpretive than anything else. I steal ideas from my girlie magazines, and add my touch to them. Here are some of what I have done in the past week or so:

The girl with glasses is a character inspired by S. I drew her because, after seeing her cartoon-ish version, she wanted to see how I would depict her in my usual style of drawing.

I also shared my work to my friend K, also a tough judge, maybe even tougher than S since he draws too. And he likes them.
What I had always thought of as a mere pastime of mine for the past 15 years has now become one of my ways of communication with the world.

Until next time.


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  1. You found you have what it takes to at last!
    Keep trying to express yourself, so you will encounter your bright future.

    I think the combinantion of your writting and drawing style could ceate utterly new world.

    That's the way,Sak!