Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Une Poste Aérienne de Paris

I have always been a huge fan of postcards, but getting one has never gotten better until today. A post card from Paris! I mean, can a girl ask for something better to find in her mailbox? I think not!

My friend
K in Toronto was over in Paris and London the past week, and a postcard he picked for me in la ville j'aime made its way half around the world to my mailbox this evening. If I hadn't known it was coming, which I did, I might have passed out with joy when I found it along with the usual ads and a local news. He promised he would send one for me before he left for Paris, and I was checking the mailbox everyday after work in a heart-jumping anticipation. Et, ici il est dans ma main, finalement!

I think this is my second time mentioning this, but I just love, love, love hand-written anything,
letters or postcards. And I consider whoever came up with the idea of sending someone a postcard from a traveling destination as a genius. From the receiving end, it makes you feel warm at heart to know that you were thought of in a foreign land; that someone thought of you special enough to spare some time out of his vacationing moments to choose a card, sit down with a pen and write you something.

Another thing I love about receiving a postcard is that it feels like I'm being shared the air the sender's inhaling in a place far from me when I look at the picture. It makes me feel
jealous in a bitter sweet way, like I could be there and not here. And, since Paris is ma ville préférée dans le monde, the postcard made me feel more that way than it would, had it been from another place.

K wrote how he didn't quite know what to write in the postcard since we talk on MSN often enough; even while he was in Paris we got to talk on line, where he gave me his updates of his vacation. But that did not belittle the value of his card or lessen my joy of receiving it in any way possible. Besides, I never knew how his hand writing looked until now: matriculate and almost delicate.

art, indeed! There is just so much one can learn and feel from one hand-written postcard! I sincerely hope, no matter how advanced the technology becomes in the next century or however long the time remains for our good planet earth, that hand-written cards and letters never will die. If ever the time comes when traveling to the moon and the mars becomes available for us, they darn better make sure they make and sell postcards in those places!

Until next time,


My special and warm thanks to
K. Merci beaucoup de me donner le moment le plus heureux!

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