Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Feet

I could have kissed that confused-looking delivery man at the door at 8:30 in the mo!

I was in my dream land when the doorbell rang. Thinking it might be a solicitor or another, (I mean, who would make a visit to someone's flat at such hour on Thursday?) I was dead set on pretending there was no one home, hoping whoever it was out there didn't see my car parked in the space with my room number on it on his way up to my flat. 30 seconds after, my phone rings. I check to see if the number shows; it does. It's local.

"Hi, this is Sagawa Delivery..."
".....(Crap! I forgot!)"
"...I'm at your door right now but you seem to be out, is tomorrow morning good for you?"
"(Crap!)I"m sorry, I'm (crap!) actually home right now (crap!), I'll be right there."
Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!

How embarrassing it is to, first and foremost, admit that I was screening, and then, to have to show my screening face to the person I just admitted my screening habit to, and to top it all, to show up at the door in my PJ with rockets on them.

When an embarrassment is overwhelming, it's a good thing if it's followed by a joy that overflows just as much. A parcel never fails to give me an instant lift, even if I already know what's in it. Thus, quickly moving on from the morning extravaganza, I love, love, love, loooooooove my red sandals from UNIQLO! I can't believe I forgot that I placed an order for them last week. (Does this mean I shop on line too often?) I actually bought a summer kimono called yukata from the store to wear with S this summer at a fireworks festival, and found these rubber sandals for mere 10 bucks.

I am hardly ever in a red outfit, but I do like red items, especially on my feet. I think there is something undeniably enduring about red shoes. What girl doesn't love wearing a pair?

Well, my new rubber sandals don't make my legs look better like these other pairs do. But they make my feet very happy just the same. Minus 4 inches.

Until next time,


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