Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gon Crazy

Correct me if I'm wrong when I say this: there is at least a couple of non-Japanese otaku friends in a Japanadian girl's life. If you are one, like myself, and have never had an encounter with (or at least an approach from) an Anime-loving, Manga-reading north American individual in your life, I have no choice but to assume you never go out of your house. Not that I'm complaining. They otaku are the best people a Japanadian girl could befriend with. They'd love you, for instance, just for your name alone, especially if yours is Sakura, like mine. It wasn't until I met my otaku friends that I started loving (allegedly) the most prestigious female name in the otaku world that is mine.

Two serious otaku friends of mine have come to be two of my closest, most beloved friends: E and S. I met them separately, E in southern California during my college years, and S in Japan as a coworker from Canada. I was thinking about them today and found so many things they have in common:

1) They took a Japanese course in high school/College.
2) They love The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy.
3) They are punkerdorku (punk/nerd/dork/otaku).
4) They don't eat a lot of vegetables.
5) They are both sickly nocturnal. And they are quite often just plain sickly.
6) They are both very chuckle-y.
7) They know more Japanese slang than I do.
8) They know more Japanese history than I do.
9) They type faster than they can speak.
10) They will pilgrimage to their mecca, Akihabara, for life.

... just to name a few. I'm pretty sure they are similar in so many ways because of their love for anime, partially or entirely.

While sharing nothing from the list I made about my friends, I actually have a bit of semi-otakuness in me too, although I never admit it. I loved Dragon Ball as a kid like a normal Asian kid should, and love Cowboy Bebop. But my all-time fav remains Gon in my heart, an adventure of a little dinosaur in a comic-book series, which leads to my point of today's post. I placed an order for the whole series a few days ago, and the delivery was made today!

Oh, the joy of opening the parcel to see the disgruntled face of Gon! Undeniably the moment of my day.

I think now I'm heading beddie to read the whole series.

Until next time,



  1. I feel very honored to be mentioned. I think once I take you to Akiba you will journey there every so often yourself ;)

    Gon! Cute little guy! Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, s. I should like to try the place at least once and see what flies.