Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's No Coincidence

I started wearing glasses in 12th grade, which is actually not that early considering I had been reading books in bed under a night lamp my whole literate life. But I never realized how bad my eye sights have gotten until this morning.

I started mopping the kitchen floor, and saw something about the up-coming eclipse on TV in the living room, and picked up my glasses and wore them to see the news from 13 feet away as I continued mopping (I don't wear them at home ordinarily). Then, my eyes caught something on the white wall behind the fridge. Something black. Moving.

...Holy mother of God!!!!

I don't care how tiny they are. When ants get together (and when are they never together?) they are just as gross as one moderate-sized roach. I like to keep my kitchen spic-and-span clean, and most definitely do not harbor an inviting environment for these hobbits of insects to make themselves feel at home. But it had been raining quite a bit, a reason for them ants to invade houses, as my land lord later told me as he sprinkled a bunch of pesticide power thingy all over my kitchen .

Incidents like this always reassure me with my belief that things happen for a reason. Had I not been mopping in the kitchen? Had I not had the TV on? (I'm not very big on TV). Had I not caught the word "eclipse" on the news? (It's a phenomenon happening once in every 40 somethings years). Had I not wore my glasses that moment? My flat as I know it may have turned into an ant colony by the time I came back from work tonight. The notion alone is a little too scary for me to take.

The happiest moment of my day
: that I was able to let the invasion not exacerbate, and I was able to save myself from having a heart attack.

And it's also incidents like this when I can't help but feel the need for help from an individual with more testosterone in my life. I think it would spare me from at least several strokes. But other than times like this, I do handle things pretty well on my own. I'm a tough girl. I tie my own shoe lace and everything.

I think I'll start wearing my glasses more often. In my flat or out.

Until next time,



  1. You might as well eradicate thier nest.

  2. I'm not a big fan of mass-murder, but yes, I will consider it.