Monday, July 20, 2009

Vanilla Smile

Call me a weirdo, but I never really eat ice cream in summer. When it's hot, my cravings are more toward water-based food (or non-food), like watermelon and Coca Cola since I'm not a Pepsi girl. Ice cream seems too sticky and too sweet.

Not that I am not a fan of ice cream. I mean, how can anyone not like the melt-y dessert that is just heaven, provided a lactose intolerance is not a factor? Well, actually, I happen to know how one can NOT like ice cream. I know a guy who would frown at the very mention of the word (or words?). Apparently when he was little, he had a surgery done in his throat and all he was allowed to eat afterwards was ice cream for a month since nothing in a solid form would go down his pipe. Combined with a fear of operation and the depression of being in the hospital, his hatered for ice cream is quite understandable, I would say. I sincerely hope the hospitals now would feed the children with the same throat problem something, anything! other than ice cream just to save them from a life-time glacephobia. Life is just too sad without a joy of it, don't you agree?

About two weeks ago, at my parents house (I come here on my days off) mom stocked up the freezer with a bunch of Donatello's ice cream cups. Sipping coke beside her, I never even looked at them...

...until today.

Like I said, I don't like ice cream in the heat. But today, the summer weather turned quite windy and wet, it actually felt cool enough. After lunch with dad, I got curious and opened the freezer drawer...

...I swear to God I had seen more than 20 cups in there the last time I was here!! They were down to 2: vanilla and strawberry.

I love it when a choice is easy to make. I am a vanilla fan all the way, especially the kind that has the tiny dots of vanilla beans and the color is not so white but more ivory. Besides, Donatello's are not too sweet and it's perfect for those who don't have the sweet tooth, like me.

The happiest moment of the day: when I opened the rid and saw what I saw there. Better seen than described, so here it is.

When was the lat time ice cream actually smiled at you?

Until next time,


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