Monday, June 29, 2009

A Bottle of Heaven

I am not very partial to drinking alcohol. I can't biologically take a lot of it. I turn quite red after a couple of glasses of light beer. Yes, you read it right, light beer. When it comes to hard liquor, I don't even like the taste, except for the ones that are nicely hidden in the amazement of sweet cocktails like White Russian and Cosmopolitan.

I do occasionally (and by occasionally I mean once every two or three months) enjoy sipping certain kinds: namely Pinot Noir, Chardney, good-quality Sake, and whatever tastes delicate on my tongue. Sipping, here, is the key. I never really drink my alcoholic drinks. I taste them. And ever so slowly, too. I savor them like they are desserts, you see, and not a drink. And I enjoy it only at home, both because I don't like the idea of being in public when I'm bright red from head to toe, and also because I love being already a step away from my bed if I get a good buzz going.

There is a bottle of Japanese white wine that I have found that is just heavenly. It tastes like a very fruity kind of Chardney. The liquid isn't completely distilled so the color remains cloudy from the process, not completely clear. And it looks so, again using the word, heavenly, especially through the lovely turquoise bottle. What makes this wine even more special is that I can hardly find it anywhere. The first time I found it by accident at a supermarket, I just fell in love with the bottle color and had to buy it. I have the empty bottle on the kitchen windowsill.

I personally feel, with all due respect to every hardworking, crammed-in-a-morning-train, never-see-their-kids-on-weekdays Japanese businessman, the way people drink here is a bit classless for the most part. There is nothing wrong with relaxing and having a bit of fun after a stressful day in an office filled with smoke and lip-services to their boss and clients. Yet I don't buy into the idea of a grown person getting too smashed to look and act decent enough on streets where late-night cram-school students hurry their way home on a weekday.

Anyway, the moment of my day is, when I found the bottle of heaven at a local supermarket after work. The last one on the shelf, too.

Until next time.



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  2. Let me worry about the contents of the bottle.

  3. Don't you worry, Fumi. I never overdose.