Monday, June 14, 2010

Shodo -Way of Writing II

I haven't reported on my new hobby lately, so let me give you an update on that.

The mater's words were that I might want to try smaller letters instead of the regular, one-or-two-letters-on-a-sheet, style, like the one I tried on the outset. He said that I might even have a talent for cursive caligraphy (like in the trace-and-practice book shown below), because I am more creative and liberated than traditional and precise in terms of expression.

So I've been practicing scaled-down versions lately; four vertical letters instead of two, which for me is a bit harder to place on a piece of paper, but, as the master expected, is easier and more fun to do.

Here is my first try.

The four letters mean, from the top, spring, summer, autumn and winter. I like the first letter; it feels feminine, and I like its shape when writing.

Caligraphy is turning into a very interesting hobby of mine that I did not honestly expect to enjoy so much. It's like this zen-like art that needs my focus and attention to details. Want to practice more.

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