Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fashion Report -Size Does Matter

When it came to belongings, I was the minimalist for the longest time while I was in the states. Wherever I went, all I needed were a wallet, a coin purse, keys, and a cell.

Even the wallets I used to own were the smallest French or bi-fold, and my cells were either the tiniest or thinnest one available, or maybe both. Quite naturally, all my purses were as small as they come. Well, I still have a dozen clutches and small purses that are smaller than some of the cosmetic cases I've seen in the hands of ladies in restrooms.

Or maybe it's that I loved small purses so much that I carried around minimum of things. Chicken or eggs? I don't remember. I think it's a bit of both.

While I still love the itty-bittiness of my purses, I have been in the mood for bigger things in size, thus needing bigger bags. And I carry more things with me of late. In addition to the good ol' a-wallet-a-coin-purse-keys-an'-a-cell-ness, I now want a cosmetic case, an organizer, a camera, and a fold-up umbrella with me at all times.

And now I am thinking of getting a key-case, in lieu of a key chain, and continental wallet, not French or bi-fold. Growing are my belongings!

On a completely different note, since I'm talking about belongings, I don't like the phrase "personal belongings." All "belongings" are and should be personal, and I am not a kelpt-o.

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