Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashion Report -Glasses

I was seriously considering a laser eye surgery and get rid of all the glasses (I had three pairs) for good. Sis was against it. Mom was against it. T happened to be against it. Didn't quite have anyone who would support me on this when I met the eye-wear love of my life a month ago.

The camellias totally kicked the Lasik's ass, and I will never turn back!

Around the same time I made my fourth pair of glasses, I was probably "seeing" things more clearly, and also fell in love with a pair of shades by Chanel. I haven't had the need to really wear shades ever since I left southern Cali, lack of sun and all, you know. And besides, I never really am out in the sun due to my sun allergy. But for a pair like this? I am willing to go out there and get scorched down to my bone.

So, rain me with UV!

(Having said that, my sun allergy is to be taken seriously, so what I'm really gonna do is pretend I'm some sort of celebrity and wear them inappropriately when I'm inside of places, like airports and restaurants and museums... )

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