Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Report -Different Seasons

I am in awe wtih Mr. King. My English could not have been what it is today without his books. And Different Seasons was one of many of his books that I read during my English-as-my-second-language period of time in life, and I can honestly say that the amount of things that I learned from it is simply unfathomable. It could easily have 50 pieces of new information, both linguistic and cultural, to a 16-year-old Japanese girl, on every page. On my first attempt in reading it, I'd be going, "Your mother blows a dead rat...????" Utterly dumbfounded, I'd then repeat the phrase slowly in blocks, like "your mother.... blows... a dead rat...?" but in vain. This was when the idea that something can either "suck" and "blow" in the world of English was still beyond my conception, and that "your mother blows a dead rat" is not something you understand by looking up a dictionary.

I don't remember when exactly I started understanding everything in a book written in English and not having any problems with any quirky phrases or expressions. But I majored in English Lit., and by then I should have mastered the lingo, right?

Anyhow, like I said, I am in awe. Stephen King is one of top five reasons why my English got where it is today.

I am reading this book for the 4th or so time, and, though I have no problem understanding his choice of euphemisms and each and every cultural aspects that the story draws on, I still am amazed at the genius of the Mr. King's wordings.

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