Monday, March 26, 2012


The dongle for my laptop died yesterday. It was bent in a way that was not going to unbend, and I guess the wires in it no longer functioned.

T thought this might not be a bad timing for me to get a new laptop. I got my HP in 2006. He doesn't mean it's ancient, but "it is American." He doesn't mean American laptops suck (they probably do, though), but "it's hard", if at all possible, "to fix it here in Japan if something happens to it." Like losing the dongle, for example, I guess. I am now using T's lPanasonic, and it's freaking tiny I keep hitting the wrong keys. I miss my stupid American laptop.

I mean, we have a history together, you know? It even died of virus once, but gracefully resurrected, thanks to a very talented computer nerd that is my friend Y's husband. I don't watch porn or do illegal downloading of any sort (that no one else is doing), and my laptop is perfectly viable. I can't move onto a new one yet just because I lost the power. I am not ready to let go of it.

What is considered the best retirement age for a laptop these days, I wonder? Is a 6-year-old laptop past its prime? And while I am pondering, here are some more questions I'd like to know the answers to. Will everything be shifting to touch panels in a couple of decades, if not years? Am I the only one thinking of buying yet another cell phone, not an iPhone, if my current cell phone breaks? Am I the only one under age 40 who still likes the idea of reading news on paper, or still enjoys sending friends hand-written cards and letters? Is that pro-global-warning of me to love things in a paper form now? Am I a lame-o the way I think people who still use a paid phone are lame-os?

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P.S. I placed an order for a new dongle on US My HP will live on.

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