Friday, March 30, 2012

Lunch Out

Found a small restaurant on a guide book that serves macrobiotic food. Takes a little bit of drive there, but hello!? A bored-ass housewife spending her hours here! And the weather was so nice and mild, I needed that excuse to go for a ride; driving around randomly without too little purpose comes expensive nowadays in Japan, with the gas price sky-rocketing.

Fukuroh, or night owl, barely accommodates 10 people, if not fewer. At least it looks that way. Macrobiotics isn't something a lot of people in Aichi go for, where strongly-seasoned dishes and high-calorie fried items are preferred on a regular basis. I am surprised it was actually on a guide book. The place was tiny like no tomorrow, but it was as big as they needed. A very nice lady managed the whole place alone, whom I chatted with a bit. She got a certification from Le Cordon Bleu. I was impressed.

The lunch plate is their speciality. And it was good. Not the best I've had as far as macrobiotics goes, but good. It feels detoxifying and I feel cleansed after a macrobiotic meal.

The cake plate comes with a cup of barley coffee. The chestnut tart was probably my favorite.

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