Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Film Report -The Iron Lady

Going to see a movie solo was something I hadn't done in ages. I think it goes back to 1999, when I had the whole weekend wide-open from Friday to Sunday in southern California. I didn't have a part-time job yet, nor much of a friend, really, at that point. My life in the states had been a big fat bore. So to spend the littlest money as possible and still manage to entertain myself outside the house, I would often go to the nearmost theater, Edward Cinema, to have a cinema-rathon of 3 or 4 films. I think back of that time of my life with a bitter sweet sorrow and nostalgia from time to time. I was young and still very uncomfortable with my own self. Things seemed to be happening and I was barely catching up with them, unable to get a hold of the ride at all. It was much later on that I learned how to stay happy enough within the paradigm that's not my control.

I got off track.

Anyhow, it's my 32nd birthday and I wanted to take myself back to that period of time. What was different this time was that I was among tiny Japanese housewives of my mother's age, instead of hefty Caucasians in shorts or Latino teenagers in jeans and thongs, around myself. And instead of a bottle of Snapple and Snowcaps to sneak in, I had oo-long tea and string cheese.

I never really learned about Baroness Thatcher, and wiki-ed her before I headed off to the theater. Had I been a Brit in the years she ruled, I might not have agreed with her political view on things. But I very much liked the film. It did a good job on making me want to read more about her, though, since the film wasn't drawn on the historical and political background of the time period the way one should know to fully get the story.

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