Thursday, March 1, 2012

Much Like March

March is here! What's not to like about it? It brings spring, though still chilly in the morning and in the evening, and it's my birth month! So why shouldn't I deck the flat in the spirit of March-ness that I longed for the whole winter long?

Twigs of cherry tree, for the apartment entrance, yet to bloom in pink.

Going in and out of the apartment will be of an exciting event for a few weeks. I don't mind so much now the act of putting on shoes that are hard to put on at the entrance now.

And some gold gerberas of to let in a little sun shine, too.

Pink and cream roses for the living room. Love the colors!

Thank Ikuta Food for freshly cut flower selections like actual florists! Little luxuries in life such as these go a long way.

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