Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Find

Being a huge bread fan, I was in earnest search for a good bakery in perimeter of the new city I live in. And I think I just found one.

Kanon, in Handa City. A 15-min drive from my flat. Really hard to find, even with a GPS I swear, and they don't have a website for me to tag. So good luck if you ever want to find it. But it's listed in every tourist guide book there is of the area.

Forgot to take pics of the place, so I stole one from a website, which I'm sure is frowned upon. Sorry.

Inside the place, two people would barely fit more or less comfortably, but full of flavor a la grain in every bite of the baked creations is promised, I can tell you. They make every single bread hand-kneaded and bake them in a stone oven, and they use flour of superior quality from Hokkaido.

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