Monday, July 12, 2010

Film Report -The Book of Eli

Just saw it on big screen, and loved it!

When T told me he wanted to see a movie "The Walker", I had never heard about it. Then a minute into the movie, I realized it was the Jap version title (I don't know why they do that sometimes). And, of course, when Danzel Washington started sleighing the living day lights out of the highway robbers in "his manner" I thought, "Golly, T, must you drag me to this kind of flicks?" But soon I started paying more attention when he started reciting lines from the book of psalm, and I was right in doing that.

The film must have been out in the states for a long time, and how come no one on facebook told me about it? Geez, guys. Thanks!

Oh, and on a personal note, Mila Kunis has never looked better!

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