Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dinner for A Maid of Honor

I've been trying to lose a few pounds for the past couple of weeks.

I need to be in a very fitting halter dress next weekend for my friend's wedding, and to give a speech in front of 200 people in it. And I fucking refuse to be a 30-year-old maid of honor whose arms are floppy and tummy plump, looking like a no-wonder-she-is-always-a-bride's-maid-never-a-bride sorry-ass woman. I'm gonna work my walk and come up looking fantabulous, give a fantabulous speech and leave the podium fantabulously, if there is to be a podium. Never mind that it's my bride friend who should be glowing and beaming there.

So anyway, my dinner cannot be mac 'n cheese now. It cannot be complex carbs. Nor fats. Nor sugar. Nor dairy. So, for me, that only leaves me no choice but to dig in a bowl of Kelogg's all bran with soy milk for dinner.

Must think fantabulous... must think fantabulous...

Until next time,


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