Sunday, July 25, 2010

Film Report -The Last Airbender

Saw it and loved it!

I waited a whole year for this, and now I will gladly wait however long takes for the sequel to come out.

Noah Ringer is divine!

Oh, by the way, I'm starting a tradition at a theater between T and myself. But before I tell you what it is, can I tell a crazy story that, here in the land of politenss and patience, people STAY through the whole credit after the film ended?? I repeat. They freaking STAY in their seat staring at the credit going by. Is that weird or what? I asked T why on earth people do that here, and he said, "Sometimes there is a little extra footage or something during the credit, and the soundtrack playing is still a part of a movie. Why would anyone leave a theater when the film is still carrying on?"


While I want to respect his opinion on behalf of the rest of the Japanese film buffs, I just cannot help but feel squeamish in my seat staring at the screen after, in my opinion, the film ENDED. I'm sorry, people. I come from a land of fast food and highways with 6 lanes, and we don't endure anything of a slow-moving kind! I thought about leaving for the bathroom right afterwards, excusing myself form the excruciation, but I thought that's a little deceiving for T and I felt sorry, so ...

I came up with this idea to look for Japanese names in the credit just so we are actually doing something. It's really hard, though, because sometimes there are three columns of names going by, and when you are actually reading the credit, you'll realize the sceeen is moving waaaaaaaay fast. But this time, we found about six Japanese names out of two thousand or so film makers. Horaaaay!

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