Monday, November 9, 2009

De-tox and De-stress

There is this place that I always go to for lunch, whenever I'm in Tokyo, called Brown Rice Cafe ( It's one of these macrobiotic, whole-food restaurants that got really popular among Yogis and vegan foreigners, but their dishes are so delicious, a non-health-conscious coca-cola lover like myself could really enjoy a meal or two. After numerous items on the menu tried and tasted, I have come to have my heart set on Chef Salad and Vegetable Soup (I actually have their picture up this page under "favorite meal").

I was there last Sunday for lunch.

The salad has changed its look a bit since the last time I was at the cafe. They now add grilled veggies (tomatoes, turnips, and broccoli oh my!) among their usual chickpea salad and ratatouille on top of the leaves and herbs. I do like it better this way.

This time, as a starter, since I was dying of thirst after a couple of hours of walking in the unseasonable heat, I had a nice glass of green juice ("the detox blend of green leaves, fennel, peppermint with extract of milk thistle and dandelion to help protect from liver disorders", quoted straight out of the menu). I chugged the whole thing down in 10 seconds. I was too thirsty to judge if it was worth my 800 yen a glass (that's about 9 bucks for a non-alcoholic beverage on a regular glass, if you can dig that) and I had a feeling anyone who actually has liver disorders should be doing something other than drinking this green thing at a whole-food restaurant, but who cares, I was not thirsty anymore.

After the meal, I had a nice cup and a half of tea named De-stress, or "a blend of Rose, Hibiscus, Orange peel and Coriander to ease feelings of stress and promote energy") at a very un-de-stressing price of 630 yen (about 7 bucks). But who cares, I tell myself, "they probably use the rose from the garden of the royalty family's summer house in Provence, carefully hand-picked by the Queen herself during the full-moon!"

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  1. 癒しだね♪


  2. what a lovely lunch! i'm hungry now :/

  3. Rummy
    Time to drain it all out, girl!

    Yea! A bit on a pricey side for lunch but it feels really good to eat all that veggies.