Monday, November 9, 2009

Congratulations, Mate!

A dear friend of mine, K, has been living in Australia for nearly 4 years, and just got married a few months ago to an Aussie dude. The newly weds have been visiting Japan since last week, and a bunch of friends and I met up with them last Saturday for dinner.

K's family had moved around a lot due to her dad's profession. She was born in Osaka, moved to Malaysia and spent a good half of her childhood there, came back to Japan and moved a couple more times until the family decided to settle in our town.

K was probably the closest friend I had in Japan before I left for Canada. I have my childhood best friend, whom I grew up, and shared what we knew about boys and miss-know-it-alls and teacher's-pets with. K and I grew our fondness towards nerds and geeks, and shared what we knew about men and bitches and sex. (By the way, both of them got married this year; a fact that kinda puts my perspectives on things...)

Anyway, my K is married to an Aussie nerd, a karate master (K was his student) and an employee at the Dream World ( and I can never be happier for her.

Oh, by the way, the couple gave us all a bag of SMITH'S potato chips (crinkle cuts? K, you know me too well, girl!) ...

and a lip balm.

This balm is simply a divinity, and I mean it beside the fact that I absolutely love the sheep that's apparently never been shaved in its entire life. I have been told how dry Australia is, but by God, judging from how well this thing works, I now have a good idea of its lack of humidity. My lips will survive this winter no problem. Thank you, K!

And as for the chips, I could almost cry at the site of it (and crinkle cut? K, you know me too well, girl)! Can you believe they don't make chips in salt and vinegar, my absolute favorite of all flavors on earth, in Japan? I mean, the country is a vinegar capital! They put vinegar in AND on every freaking thing, even the things they shouldn't put vinegar in AND on! Everything! Rice. Veggies. They even came up with vinegar flavored apple juice and jell-o. But not on potato chips? What's wrong with these people, seriously?

But that's beside the point. I now have a good reason why I should visit the southern hemisphere (and a free hotel in The Gold Coast too!). Congrats, K!

Until next time,



  1. I,ve just read ur blog now.I was really happy to see you guys on that day in Japan.I enjoyed talking,chatting and laughing like our old days.Thank you for writing about me on your blog.I'm happy to hear that you like those souvenir I gave.I hope the lip balm's gonna work well***

  2. glad you stopped by, K. what's not to like about the lip balm? makes my lips so glossy i look like i have just had some tempura. thank you, sincerely!