Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artsy Hours on a Weekend

You know it's a good museum when you find yourself going back there. National Museum of Western Art in Ueno is one, for me. http://www.nmwa.go.jp/en/

Last weekend, I paid my yet another visit.

They have a quite decent collection of pieces by Claude Monet that I just love, and many more that are intriguing. My favorite by the infamous impressionist is this, Poplars in the Sun.

Poplars happen to be my favorite tree. And I love how sunny and breezy the scenery seems. I can almost hear and smell and feel it.

Here is another favorite of mine, The Port of Saint-Tropez by Paul Signac.

I just adore the use of colors in this. Makes me happy just looking at it. It's the kind of painting that goes perfectly on the stair wall or hallway wall in my future (imaginary) house...

And for a completely different reason, this is also my favorite. Interior with Ida playing the piano by Vilhelm Hammershoi.

I love the perspective of things in the scene: the table, the empty plate on it on the edge, the drawing room behind the open doors, and Ida - the painter's wife, and her piano forte. There is something incredibly still, and something extremely warm and comfy about this otherwise dark and immobile depiction. And, oh my God, the light; just enough amount of it that shows the white of Ida's nape. And you know what else I love about this painting? This is one of many pieces that the painter painted of his wife. The man repeatedly, almost thematically, used his wife as part of his paintings, and I think that alone adds so much more feelings, and stories, to his art. It's rare to see, especially in his time period. I can't hold my tears in when I look at this, no matter how many times I stand in front of it.

So I awe an apology for not capturing the painting well enough, for it hardly does the beautiful piece of work justice.

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