Friday, January 13, 2012

List of 10 -What I Mean to Do This Year

I was reading my last year's new year's post, What I Want to Do This Year, and I was dumbfounded at just how stupidly vague I was. I mean, read the list!

1) Read more
2) Overthink less
3) Stop more (at STOP signs)
4) Bitch less
5) Learn more
6) Risk less
7) Earn more
8) Buy less
9) Save more
10) Own less

There is only one out of the ten that I can honestly say I have done the last year, and it's 3) Stop more (at STOP signs). Am I proud of it? ...Not so much, really. What the hell was I thinking making that list?

So I'm gonna make one this year so that I can look back in a year and be proud to have done it all. And I'm gonna cut the obscurity altogether (what the hell does overthink less mean? like I'm going through a puberty?) and I'm going very, very specific.

So hear goes.

1) read a book a week
2) do not cause a traffic accident of any kind, deadly or otherwise
3) make a new friend
4) buy one fashion item, get rid of another
5) visit Ise Shrine
6) make something new in kitchen
7) go for a walk 5 times a week for 30 minutes or more
8) take TOEIC
9) find a job
10) save a million yen

How's that for being specific, huh?

Good luck me!

Until next time,


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