Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year!

World? Hey, is it really you? Oh thank God! I finally got myself wired at new flat, and can't be more stoked. How detached from you have I been feeling for the last two weeks or so without the internet?!

I thought I had overcome my early addiction with the cyber world long ago, but the silence therapy nearly killed me this time. A week or two without the internet is no problem had I been on a vacation. Having the whole 3-bedroom apartment to myself for 10 hours a day for two weeks without one is HELL! It doesn't help when one is not very into TV, too, like myself. And it's bloody cold outside and it's not like I have the nerve to go on a joy stride and explore the new city I live in.

Yes, I do live in a new city. A city that I mean to blog about in good time -hopefully, but so far as I can tell, it's just an ordinary city that's like thousands of others in Japan. It's neither super exciting nor dull. It has what it should as a civilization of the modern day. It neither lacks nor overloads. But let me, as I said, blog about the place a little more in detail as I get myself more familiar with it.

Anyhow, I just thought I should let the world know first and foremost that I am back and I am happy.

Until next time,


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