Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Cup Full of Decaf, Please!

I have been off the wagon with caffeine for a few months. And, being a big coffee lover that I am, it's been quite hard, especially right around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Too hard, in fact, ever since I retired and moved, staying home dillydallying all day long. Have manipulated myself with a very strong cup of pearl barley tea (aka Job's tears). Which tastes fine, or actually very nice and pleasing and I give it a whole credit, but only as tea. Super strong tea could never replace a cup of dark java, just like a bucket full of yogurt is never gonna get anywhere near a spoonful of Hagendaz.

The lamest thing is, decaf coffee beans ain't easy to find in supermarkets in Japan, if at all possible, so I went back to my macrobiotics days -yes, I was a vegan for about half year two years ago, and searched on line and came across this.

Jones decaf coffee:
Tried and tested, I declare it's as good as weak regular coffee. So I make mine very strong, and all is good. My afternoons are saved. Phew.

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