Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got My Ass-sets Back!

I just had a Julie-Andrews-singing-with-her-arms-wide-spread-on-the-hills-that-are-aliiiiiiiive-with-the-sound-of-music moment!

I had a funeral to go to today and being clad in all black was called for.

So, 10 o'clock in the mo, I have my head and ass in the closet digging deep for something black and formal-looking, and what do I find? A pair of Ya Ya silk-and-satin size-zero skinny pants that I bought when I weighed the least in my life at age 25. With them in my hands I'm thinking, "Hmmm... do I dare?"

I hadn't fit in these for the last three years, and the last time I tried them on I couldn't even pull them up half my thighs. And nothing feels worse than when something that used to make my ass look pretty darn hot doesn't even make it thus far. Right, ladies???

But tried them on, I did. And...

... they slided up on my skin all the way to the waist!! Can buckle both bottons, with no love hundle hanging on the waist or anything!!

Whooooo hoooooooooooo me and my size-zero ass!! I'm so happy I migh just sleep in those tonight.

Until next time,


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