Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Wallie

Bought a new wallie a while ago. It's my big summer buy, and I am writing this post to big fat brag about it. Duh!

It's from Miu Miu spring collection.

I had my eyes, yes both, on it for the longest time. The color I wanted, canary or pineapple or lemonade or sunflower or whatever you call it, was sold out in Hong Kong in May, which I was really counting on. So it was tough trying to find it. But find it I did! And boy, am I happy!

Until her, my wallies have always been very, very chic and classic, in colors like black or beige. At one point I had a very chunky D&G that was very rock'n-roll and had whoever saw it go gaga, but I gave it to my gay friend J who wanted it so bad he wouldn't shut up in my face, and it was a little too bulky for my minimalist self anyway.

But in the last one year or so, I have been turning to colors, and bright ones at that, too, from my chic and classic black-and-gray-proneness. Only black that I can't get enough of now is my eye lash extensions. Colors make me happy. And I've been told I look happier in colors, too. So why the hell not?

Besides, in Feng Shui, yellow is supposed to invite in lots of fortune. What's better than a yellow wallet, then? But I'm not gonna testing my luck and shall put my credit cards to rest for a good while.

Until next time,


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