Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess What I Have Just Done!

No. I did NOT slaughter and butcher a human being in my kitchen and then nicely packaged the blood and flesh. That is not what I do on Wednesday night after work. I am not a psycho. If I was, I don't think I'd be posting the picture here. Well, a real psycho might, but I don't think I would be that kind of psycho. I might be a little sick-o for starting my post with the pic like this but hey, who isn't?

I just got the best-ever tasting kimchee is all. I had to cut up a big bunch of it and it sure looks gory on the cutting board, though, right? Hehehehehe, it's great.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of Korean food, and I've given all kimchee a fair chance, but let me tell you. This is probably the best I've ever had. The spicy level is just perfect, and it's crunchy and juicy to the degree of perfection, and what's more perfect is that the after-taste won't stay behind for more than 3 minutes, meaning that you won't stink up the whole place like the many other kimchee would. A relative gave this home-made kimchee to mom the other day. Non of my family members are fond of spicy food, so mom fast-handedly gave the whole package to me.

I am totally asking for the recipe to whoever it is that made it.

Until next time,


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