Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spice It Up!

Cousin A took me to her favorite Indian restaurant in Ebisu, called Tandoor.

The place is small but very cozy, and this Indian waiter in his late 30s was really nice and friendly. I told him "Thank you" in Hindu, sort of recalling from my college years when I had an Indian-American roommate at one point. Surprised myself that I still remembered the word. He was really impressed and pleased, he gabe me a free ice tea.

Why don't people in Japan have a mind of friendliness like that?

Anyways, the lamb curry was superbly delicious as A claimed it to be, and so was tandori chicken salad that we tried. Much to be recommended.

I remembered this Indian place in Vancouver that I used to love and go to very often, and realized I hadn't had good Indian curry like this one since then. Thank you, A!

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