Monday, March 15, 2010


My laptop has gotten a virus of some kind, or so I figured since it keeps booting me off line and shutting itself off, so it's being fixed. It's in the care of a boyfriend of my gal pal, and I am in owe. Thank you, M!

Though, it will take a few weeks, since M is incredibly busy of late; it is not until the end of March at the earliest that my lappy will be back, I was told. So, I've been enjoying my life without it altogether, except on Tuesdays when I am at my parents' and use the desktop in the living room (like today).

I have to admit, it feels rather nice and liberating the same way it felt liberating when I was without my cell phone for a whole week a while back because I left it at my parents'. Only more so, this time, because now I have nothing other than reading and drawing to do for entertainment at my flat. And it's hell of a lot of fun! And it's nice to actually look forward to the paper delivery also, which now plays the primal role of info-feed for me.

One thing that I am having to cope with, however, is the fact that I cannot write whenever I want. I write a diary whenever my spirit moves, and lately I have a lot to confess and vent and unload and giggle about, that I really, really need to let it out in words. I tried on a notebook. Failed. It's just not the same because, on keyboard, I can write as fast as I am wording in my head, whereas the process takes thrice or maybe even more on a notebook with a pen. The very struggle is a joke! It seems just ridiculous to write things down once you are used to typing, and you cannot read your handwriting anyway! I gave up my diary books 10 or so years ago when I first bought my computer, and since then, Microsoft Words has come to be the holly grail of all writing tools that I cannot do without for the life of me. So, really, with all due respect, bye bye Jane Austine and bye bye Virginia Woolf. A fountain pen was once my ultimate dream item to have but I've decided I shan't be needing one for a long time to come.

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