Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun Comes Before Job

Those of you my beloved readers who are nice enough to go to my drawing blog, temps de crayon, might know that I am partial to art (or in my own terms, anyway). I have also mentioned in this blog my being semi-artistically inclined in the past but I have never taken myself in that department seriously. But, in the last half year or so since I became more open about my simple "pastime" and started communicating a little less secretively with the world, it has changed its course in a direction I never thought imaginable.

Last month, I was actually offered a professional job to do a drawing. I cannot say here for what it is, or for who it is, but my simple connection with an acquaintance through a friend who had also a simple connection with a certain somebody who saw my "pastime work" gave me a little chance to prove myself a little more.

First I refused and denied and probably cussed a little bit out of disbelief: it might have been "Fuck no!" if I recall it right. I even asked, "is that legal?"

I mean, aren't there only about thousands of art students and struggling artists who would murder for a job like that, who are waaaaay better and properly-educated-in-art, and oh hey, qualified, might I add?

Those were my thoughts (and still are) and I wasn't the least shy about sharing them with the people in front of me. They told me that they like the fact that I am not an art student nor a struggling artist waiting for a big break. Besides which, they emphasized, they liked my drawings. They gave me some time to think about it.

I did think about it. And I thought about it some more. And I came to a conclusion that I was curious enough to see how this might lead. So, since I'm in no position to oblige myself with anything, I gave them a condition. "I will try but can we NOT shake hands on the deal, since I've never drawn anything upon request and I do not do well with pressure? Can I just have my fun and see how it turns out?" They said, "No problem."

So the deal is that there is no deal. No pressure. Not even a penny of compensation. I will only do what I always do and see how that comes out.

Until next time,



  1. That is awesome, Sak. Just draw whatever comes to your mind. Enjoy it and have fun!