Thursday, September 24, 2009

Changes Please!

Gave it a lot of thought. Moved a thing or two around. Took about two hours. Who does that on a workday after 10 p.m., rearranging everything in her bedroom on a whim? Well, obviously, I do.

Here is my creation. Meet my boudoir. Ta dah!

Here is what I did.

Step one: relocate the big fatness that is my bed. Oh my god, it was freaking, and can I stress freaking, heavvvvvvvy!!!! By golly, I thought I was gonna lose my arms shoving its ass this way and that, until it got nicely placed in the midst of the room, the way I wanted it.

Step two: get rid of the two sliding doors between the room and the living room. I am no Homer Simpson and wouldn't exactly walk right through them, but they never really meant much to me, either. So, bye bye sliding doors.

That's it, really. Bed location and door removal are the only prominent changes I made, but what a difference!! Too bad I forgot to take the "before" pic. But I am very proud of myself for having done this and I love my bedroom now so much, I wish I could share this with someone right now... wait, that didn't come out right. I wish I could show my bedroom to someone... still sounds... oh what the hell.

Aside from the satisfaction I'm getting out of playing a decorator for my own flat, I've been feeling like I need a change in my life. Do you ever feel like that? I've been feeling that way A LOT recently. It wasn't enough that I got a new haircut in June. Wasn't enough that I started walking to work. Wasn't enough that I started wearing skirts to work (I've always been a pant suit girl) and shocked the hell out of my coworkers. I wanted to redo my boudoir for a long time, and now that it has been redone, I now feel like getting anew haircut again.

What's next? When does this stop? What am I really after? Somebody stop meeeeeeeeeeee!

Until next time,

Sak, with two very sore arms


  1. 模様替えお疲れ様~。お部屋かわいいねぇ♪

    shareするのは私でもよい? 笑

  2. Thank you, Rummy! Anytime, sweetheart!

  3. Wow looking nice
    kinda like a comfty hotel style
    good job!

  4. thank you, S! feel free to spend a night here and pay me a "comfy hotel style" fee :)