Monday, September 21, 2009

Bakin' Time! II

Do you know what I took for granted when I lived in the states? Cookies.

Those who live north America don't realize just how ridiculously available cookies are there. I'm not kidding. Inhale now and read on, whoever reading this that has never gone grocery shopping outside of America, because you are about to gasp a good one. Did you know that, overseas, a supermarket doesn't even have an entire isle dedicated to cookies, especially if they have a deli-counter for baked goodies AND the baker's cabinet with freshly baked cookies by the entrance too?

I never even took a note of them cookies that much while they were all around me, like the road signs or something that I might know are there but not really stand in front of and take a good look at. Only when I left the country de diab├ętique to live in the land of rice, fish and seaweed, did I start missing some of those Ahoys!

So, I was pondering what to do with the rest of the 85%-cocoa chocolate and baker's butter from two days ago. And I had this sudden craving for soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies. ...Wow. I just realized, I haven't even used the word "chewy" as long as I can remember until just now. You know what, I will happily bet my $100 on that 95% of the time when north Americans use the word "chewy" in a sentence, they are referring to cookies, I swear to God. I wouldn't be surprised if they are talking about chocolate chip cookies, too.

Anyways, here are chocolate chip cookies a la Sak fresh out of her oven. Warm, chewy, sweet, melt-y, diabetic as hell, AND heavenly. I say this, and I don't even have the sweet tooth.

The fun of baking is, without a doubt, the aroma. I can almost guarantee this, but had I no sense of smell, I wouldn't have been into baking at all. And when the spoon-dropped dough were a-bakin' in my Japan-made, technologically AND ecologically sophisticated, microscopically tiny microwave/oven, the living room was filled with the air of love that is of cookies. The highlight, and really the whole point of my baking, exactly.

May the chewiness be bringing smiles across North America yet another day.

Until next time,


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